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Publication Server of the Wuppertal Institute

On this Publication Server of the Wuppertal Institute you can find the research staff's theses and publications that were compiled within their common research framework with this institute. Many of these documents can be downloaded for free. Within this context, both parties involved - the Wuppertal Institute and the authors - demand an accurate handling and adequate citation with respect to these sources from all users. The Wuppertal Institute encourages its staff to publish freely available online-versions of scientific contributions as long as they are not already published by a professional publisher and therefore bound to (the) pre-assigned rights for publication.

If you want to search for publications please choose the menu "Search"; there will be offered different ways for searching and finding your requested documents. If you are a member of the research staff and want to add publication information, please choose the menu "Publish" where you will find accordant forms for your input. Please find more information in "FAQ". Once they have been uploaded, all documents are freely available worldwide and are permanently/durably filed. They are also bibliographically tapped, as well as accessible by search engines on the Internet.